Luli Sharra together with her brother-in-law had 8 euros / ton more expensive

Luli Sharra together with her brother-in-law had 8 euros / ton more expensive

From Kombinati, where the presentation of Belinda Balluku as a political envoy for this area took place, the mayor Erion Veliaj touched once again the issue of the Sharra plant, which in the time of Lulzim Basha was an ecological bomb, and today has been transformed into a field with trees.

"What I found in the Municipality of Tirana is a proposal written by Lul Basha, who gives it OK and signs it later, so that the garbage goes to Sharra, to that Sharra that 5 years ago we found a garbage dump, a ecological bomb, a political bomb, a human bomb, a bomb of all meanings, where it just burned and you could not open the balcony or the window ", said Veliaj.

He stated that Basha's plight is the broken bargain with the company that would manage the garbage in his time, which would cost the citizens many times more expensive. "Luli's proposal, before he left, was: 37 euros / ton, we have 30% less, 29 euros / ton. Of course, for Luli, who says "6 out of 4 businesses", risk 29 seems more than 37, but for 99.99% of others, 29 is less than 37. So, Luli was 8 euros more expensive for every ton of compost. Tirana produces 1 thousand tons per day, which means that the taxpayer has to pay 8 thousand euros more. That means, in 365 days 3 million euros more. "He does not grieve because we save people money, he grieves because his bazaar was ruined, because he says - These were for me and my brother-in-law", said Veliaj

The mayor, who is also a political leader for Tirana, asked every democrat to distance himself from the DP and its leaders, who use people as "meat for the ball" for their personal gain.

"The company I found there, with those friends of Megatek, were partners with Luli's brother-in-law and I ask myself: Ore this SPAK, what does it do? How can the mayor be with his brother-in-law and be in any kind of business, in any kind of business? Not only that, not only was it 30% higher and we lowered it, but he said - From the beginning the city of Tirana has to pay 34.6 million euros with investments. We do not pay at all today. We pay per ton, the garbage that is collected, we take it, it goes and weighed and we say - Bring us the bill only for the garbage we bring, not to pay the investment, you pay the investment with the money we give you for the garbage. And the question for a last democrat who may have remained in Kombinat is - O friend, to use "meat for the ball" in Astiri, to torture you for 3 years, where is Astiri today? ", Said Veliaj.