Krraba / 11 houses will be built from scratch, Veliaj shows the plan for 3 new buildings

Krraba / 11 houses will be built from scratch, Veliaj shows the plan for 3 new

The new road to Krrabë, has shortened the distance from Tirana, from one hour to only 15 minutes and this area was today the stop of the tour of the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who invited all citizens to enjoy the tourist attractions of the area .

"I am very enthusiastic about all the work we have done in Krrabë. It was that 'pocket' that took an hour from Lapidari to come to Krrabë, while today it is put for a quarter of an hour. The invitation for all the inhabitants of Tirana is: If you want organic food, fresh air, to walk a little in the mountains, if you want to go to the Pëllumbasi Cave, to the Waterfall, visit Krraba! Krraba, Shëngjergji, Zall Bastari have become a crown of Tirana, which brings only good. "Those who come from Tirana leave little expenses here, so they contribute to the economy, but get back much more than they leave", said Veliaj.

The mayor also focused on the reconstruction process, where only in this administrative unit are planned to be built from scratch 11 houses completely destroyed by the November 26 earthquake. In one of them, that of Ymer Ballës.

"In 20 days we will be ready, not only with yours, but with all the houses we have in the process. I know there are many people who say, this housework: 'yes a house is', but the house is the most important thing of man. When you have 4-5 villas, it does not catch your eye. But when you only have one house and it gets the earthquake, you get very serious about it. We are serious and it does not matter if there are 400 construction sites, 500, or 1000. What matters to us is to finish them all and by the New Year, to have made all the payments, as we have done most, but even the last two houses that are left ", said Veliaj.

He added that in this area it is planned to rebuild 3 buildings damaged by the November 26 earthquake: “We will build a building from scratch. We will see the possibility for the other two palaces, so we will make the whole neighborhood from the beginning to the former miners' palaces ".