Alket Islami for Veliaj: I have no reason not to support a man who has always supported me!

Alket Islami for Veliaj: I have no reason not to support a man who has always

For Alket Islam, all these months of pandemics have been similar to distant times, when he just began to discover the sky. In the 90's, when we raised our eyes only to see the clouds, Alketi had started traveling to Dhërmi, to explore the land, to find the right wind that would help him in flight. Then there were no pictures! There was no Instagram, there was nothing to show you the beauties of nature that Alketi discovered. Even now, when our horizon was only that of the window or balcony of the house, Alketi was again in the clouds, alone! Only this time he knew the pictures would serve him better than all the early ones. "The photos of Tirana during the total closure are amazing. I have done so much and I am postponing the release of the album just because of the inability to choose between them. On the other hand, for Aeronautics, the pandemic has not been so aggressive. Apart from the postponement, it has not canceled activities. Tomorrow, from Vlora, 'Open Air' starts

Alket Islami for Veliaj: I have no reason not to support a man who has always

Alket, how have the long months of the aeronautics pandemic affected you?

For us it has not been as harsh as for other activities because the flights are done. Being not even spectator sports or mass gatherings, we are more favored. Nature helps us! The only part that has diminished the competition has been the lack of foreign competitors. Our activities have only been postponed and this because the predicted dates coincided with the peak of the pandemic, the months of April, May. Now we can not push it anymore because there is no more time.

'Open Air' starts tomorrow. Are there strangers in the race?

There are, but not as many as there have been in the past years. Only representatives of countries that do not have closures or aggravated circumstances have come.

Where will it take place?

We will fly from Shashica, to Vlora, as always. This year too we will fly with the old conditions because next year and onwards the conditions will be completely changed. With the construction of the new Bypass, driving to Shashica will be eliminated. A parking lot and trampoline will be built just for aeronautics and will make it much easier for us. The flight there is incredibly favorable due to the wind direction and the fantastic panorama. Currently the boys are there training for tomorrow's race.

Alket Islami for Veliaj: I have no reason not to support a man who has always

Meanwhile, organizing sports activities does not prevent you from being in politics as well. In fact, you have appeared with Veliaj at different times, not only now that the campaign has started. How did the acquaintance with him start?

Yes, our acquaintance is early, since Erion returned from America, in 2000.
We have had continuous collaborations from which I can single out the springboard we built on Mount Dajti. Erion took over since I told him and he did. This enabled the involvement of many young people in sports because flights started from Dajti.

Alket Islami for Veliaj: I have no reason not to support a man who has always

Currently what would you like to do about the circumstances in which you train?

Now it is necessary to first find and then build a permanent place where we can train because we stay for a while somewhere and we are forced to move, for land ownership issues. However we are discussing finding a hill around Tirana, in

Cherry or Baldushk, let's see!

So will you support him this time too?

Support is not discussed from the moment you are exposed to him and I have no reason not to do it when he has always supported me, the respect has been mutual. Everywhere and whenever I have invited him he has been there, both in the promotions of my albums and when I have invited him on flights. When collaborations take place over a long period of time, the relationship necessarily becomes friendly as well.

Alket, did you take pictures from the air during the pandemic?

I have done and I think they are one of the most special and beautiful. So much so that I can not choose which ones to include in the album, there are so many. Out of about 25 thousand photos I have to choose only 200 and this is making me postpone the publication of the album for Tirana. Tirana during the pandemic was magnificent, they are really fantastic photos. The album will be divided into volumes and photos will be published from 2000, to see the changes from the urban point of view etc.

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