Charges for incinerators Basha's next fine! Veliaj reacts after the accusations and explains why this is the topic of the DP these days

Charges for incinerators Basha's next fine! Veliaj reacts after the

Mayor Erion Veliaj has responded to the opposition regarding the incinerator. Veliaj stated that unlike the time of PD when the garbage had become a mound in Tirana, now they are cleaned 3 times.

"Do you remember what Tirana was like 5 years ago, the trash?" We clean them 3 times a day, they 1 time in 3 days. Their cleaning tab was 1 time in 3 days, ours 3 times a day and still gets dirty and needs more. And today they had attacked the garbage plant, that plant that when we were in Vaqarr with Nini, the citizens said. I know what, do not campaign at all. Yes as we told him not to come, we come for respect, let there be few votes. No more it is not a matter of a few votes but we are all with you. But well I told you what happened? Ore you have no idea at all they said that you come from Tirana, I know what it means to live in Sharra, and to live in Vaqarr, and to live in Lalm, and to live in Allgjatë, and to live in Kombinat,

The Mayor stressed that Basha's concern is not the garbage, but the next fine he imposes on businesses.

"The question is: If things are better and instead of the garbage that is burning now, it is a field with 10 thousand poplars and energy will be produced from the garbage, where does the rabbit sleep here? What are they upset about? I tell you why they are upset. Why do they no longer protest on the boulevard, what did these people get from the boulevard company to leave the protests? Do you remember that they lined up here and said: We will lie here and the "New Boulevard" will not be done. We will lie down and sacrifice here because if the "New Boulevard" is built, there will be no more PD. We will lie down and give our lives here, and we will go ahead with the diggers, because if we do not do this and it becomes the "New Boulevard" we will melt as a political force. Here is the "New Boulevard". Why did they leave the protest, what did they get that shut up? Do you remember when they burned "Rruga e Kombit" and said: A paid checkpoint is being set up there - which is actually to do the work they left halfway done, to make new bridges, to do all the 1-lane roads that have been a source of accidents, they said - we will burn it whenever they are placed. All of a sudden the protest ended, what did they get? What goods did they receive in exchange for leaving the protest? Do you remember Astiri? We will lie here, we will die here, O Klevis o hero in our hearts you live, did you see him? What was the value of the car to leave the protest? You know what the answer is for the garbage, they just did not find the language of the fine that the company has to pay, for the DP to leave it and deal with another topic, that they put a price on every protest. You noticed that they went out for the tower, for the new hotel next to Hotel Tirana, it came out in the news, then it was deleted from Facebook,