Veliaj issues the documents, the former mayor of Kavaja, Isa Sakja of the Democratic Party, signed in favor of the incinerator

Veliaj issues the documents, the former mayor of Kavaja, Isa Sakja of the

Although today the Democratic Party opposes the incinerator project, in fact their own representatives in the local government have spoken out in their favor. Speaking at the socialist assembly of Unit 7, Mayor Veliaj published a document in which the former mayor of the Democratic Party in Kavaja, Isa Sakja, gave his consent for the construction of a waste incinerator.

“Since we are in the incinerators debate, I saw today that the Municipality of Kavaja, which was led by one of our political opponents, the mayor Isa Sakja, says: The Municipality of Kavaja, in accordance with the concession contract 'For construction of landfill incinerator and rehabilitation of the site- Tirana's existing deposits and electricity generation ', we irrevocably and unconditionally accept and declare that the Municipality of Kavaja has been informed and has accepted, has understood all the rights and obligations arising from the contract and its annexes to the municipality and as above: We are committed to all obligations that result as such for the Municipality of Kavaja, including making all payments for the disposal and processing of waste at a price of 29 euros / ton " , said Veliaj.

Veliaj issues the documents, the former mayor of Kavaja, Isa Sakja of the

The mayor stated that the SP has provided evidence that leads Tirana and Albania forward, while those who are in opposition today killed and did nothing.

"Now, why when we do this is bad and when they do it is good ?! Why should this spirit be divisive? Why should we divide people into this kind of religion? Why should we still listen today to those who had Tirana, those who had Albania, those who got stuck in the Clock, those who killed people on the Boulevard, those who did not finish and destroyed the Nation Road, those who sold the sea, those who they have given it with proof that every time they have touched the state and the city, they have destroyed it, while we have given it with the proof that every time we put our hands to fix, fix, invest, the city goes forward ", declared Veliaj.