Topalli half of the list of women!

Topalli half of the list of women!

Jozefina Topalli was the first to submit to the Central Election Commission the list of candidates for MPs. Today is also the deadline for submitting official lists.

What stands out most in the list of the 'Movement for Change' party, is the high number of women candidates running in the April 25 elections.

The leader of the party, Jozefina Topalli leads the list in 4 regions; in Durrës, Tirana, Shkodër and Lezhë.

While the top rankings of other candidates in the respective lists also stand out. For weeks, Ms. Topalli has introduced those who joined her political journey, showing their academic background.

For March 8, the holiday of mothers, daughters and women, there was no way not to highlight this superiority of Topalli's party, where women have a 50% level of representation over men. Will the women of the Movement for Change have one more voice in the next parliament? This remains to be seen.

Lists and candidacies of females at the county level :

In Tirana Region out of 18 candidates, there are 8 women candidates from the list of 18 candidates (Topalli leads the list)

Topalli and seven women candidates are listed in the Durrës Region, out of a total of 18.

There are 8 women candidates in the Region of Fier, out of a total of 18.

In the Korça Region there are 8 candidates out of 15 in total.

In Kukes Region out of 6 candidates, 2 are women.

In Shkodra Region there are 8 women plus candidates (Jozefina Topalli) who tops the list of 18 candidates in total.

In Gjirokastra Region out of 6 candidates, two are women candidates.

In the Region of Berat, out of 9 candidates in total, 5 are women candidates.

In the Elbasan Region, out of 18 candidates, 8 are women.

In Dibra Region out of 9 candidates, 6 are women.

In the Region of Vlora, out of 18, 7 are women candidates

In the Region of Lezha, 5 are women candidates in the list of 12 candidates.

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