Replica for incinerators / Rama: PD and the old policy collected in the form of mountains of garbage! Basha reminds the case of businessman Hajdin Sejdi

Replica for incinerators / Rama: PD and the old policy collected in the form of

The debate on incinerators continued today, as it started with a statement by Basha during the press conference with journalists, where the leader of the Democrats accused the government that at the moment when the contracts were made, no price criterion was set.

"The bargain was made, the deposit was closed, the shares were divided, the bank accounts were opened, the bribes were transferred, then they were reminded of a contract. In the 21st century, the Republic of Albania has a document that will be archived as an indicator of the greatest corruption that the Balkans has experienced. Look, Albanians, they have forgotten the price. It is not a price criterion. I can only thank the Klodians or the Martyrs, who did not raise the tax, thank you for stealing so little from us. "You had the easy hand that for these we could have 10 times higher bill", said Basha.

The Prime Minister has responded to Basha's accusations, saying that the DP and politics are old, gathered in the form of mountains of garbage.

"Yes, Lulzim has been a PD and the whole old politics gathered in the form of mountains with garbage between Tirana, Elbasan, Fier and everywhere, where thanks to the modern plants that we will continue to build, people of all ages can gather "for parks and all kinds of activities," Rama wrote on Twitter.

Basha's response also came virtually, as the PD leader recalled the time of Hajdin Sejdi, a Kosovo Albanian millionaire who promised a multi-storey hotel in Tirana and left a giant pit in the middle of the capital after raising money from investors. his:

"Old politics has the smell of Hajdin Sejdi's pit where you did not give up 11 years as mayor, it has your face and voice that for 7 years you fill the country with garbage and incinerators that burn only the millions that you have extorted from the pockets of Albanians. The day of reckoning is drawing near. "