Lulzim Basha: I am not the kind of politician who talks about imprisonment for opponents! Rama's "internment" took me out of context

Lulzim Basha: I am not the kind of politician who talks about imprisonment for

Lulzim Basha has taken care to profile himself that if he comes to power he will not take revenge on his opponents and he even guarantees that the anti-mafia law, which will be one of the first, will be done to stop the theft of Albanians.

Basha's disappearance of the word prison relaxes many people in politics.

Here is the conversation with the journalist Ilva Tare, including a statement regarding Rama that tonight said that it was taken out of context. The sentence was: "Even internment will not be enough for Edi Rama, who was commented by the media and politics as a message for prison.

Even Rama, when he would take power, said prison for his predecessor.

Basha: I am not saying prison because I do not set the prison.

You said exile.

Basha: Even what I said is out of context, I said something else.

Exile is not enough, you said.

Basha: Do not take me out of the dispute because I did not say so, I am not a judge or prosecutor. That anyone who steals citizens' money deserves prison should be said by everyone here and outside this environment. The anti-mafia law is not about the prison but about stealing Albanian money.

Who will make the decision?

Basha: The court, but the process will be initiated by the government. The process will start with an anti-corruption directorate or minister. The government will have the responsibility for verification, investigation by the prosecution and the decision will be taken by the court. The law also determines how the process will proceed. We have worked with Italian and British experts on this law.