Who is the immigrant from London who will run for MP with the SP?

Who is the immigrant from London who will run for MP with the SP?

Lavdrim Krashi is an Albanian emigrant from Dibra who will run for MP. He was introduced by Prime Minister Rama, during the presentation of the immigration program.

Lavdrim Krashi was born in Debar, educated and lives in London. He works in the City of London for urban planning and housing. Praise says London has a serious wound with homelessness.

Who is the immigrant from London who will run for MP with the SP?

Part of his story:

'It attracted me to change my career from a chemical engineer to a service in the housing sector, it has to do with Mother Teresa in 1975 when she won the Nobel, on her first visits she was to London, at her first official meeting she asked to leave the protocol and talked about a serious matter of Britannia, the large number of homeless, begged the Prime Minister, I can get out of protocol,: Please do something for the homeless.

I am an Albanian citizen living in Britain, I am married, I have a 21 year old son and 15 daughters. I told you that it is possible to get involved in politics in my country, I have messages where they say, Daddy Go for it, there is no greater pride than contributing to your homeland. The people of Dibra are not only skeptical, but also skeptical. Arbri Street is taking shape, and I hope it will be closed soon '.

Before his presentation, Prime Minister Edi Rama said:

The immigrant vote must be guaranteed in every corner of the world. Despite the fact that we did not manage to secure it because of the other party. They know that most immigrants do not vote for them. They are not blind fans of parties, but they are fans of work and Albania. Albania, with those we are talking about, always loses. Immigrant vote. does not move from primary objectives, and we will enable them. We on the April 25 lists will have immigrants today and yesterday. We want to give immigrants a new opportunity.