Turning Vora into a European town, Veliaj introduces the candidate for MP, Fidel Ylli: More schools with modern conditions and sports facilities

Turning Vora into a European town, Veliaj introduces the candidate for MP, Fidel

From Vora, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, at the same time the political leader of the SP for Tirana, introduced Fidel Ylli, the candidate for deputy of the area.

Veliaj said political opponents are waging a campaign that feeds fear, not hope.
"Ours is a campaign that nurtures hope and speaks of good deeds, hope to escape the pandemic with vaccines, hope to escape from all the consequences of the earthquake with reconstruction, hope for more justice. We are working everywhere, we are working non stop in Kamza, we are working non stop in Rrogozhina, non stop in Kavaja, non stop in the big Municipality of Tirana. And that contrasts with another campaign that feeds only fear, fear of vaccines, fear of reconstruction. We are focused on saving people's lives, they have focused on the mass infection of people ", said Veliaj.

While the candidate for MP, 15th on the list, Fidel Ylli said that in Vora are being built some new schools with modern conditions, as he said that Vora will be transformed into a European town where everyone will want to live there.

"The whole of Vora will be rebuilt with palaces that will be modern, contemporary and will soon become a European town. I believe that they will also come from Tirana to book houses in Vora. Several schools have been built in the villages of Vora, such as the school of Marikaj, the kindergarten in Muçaj. We will make the gymnasium of Vora, and some other 9-year schools in the whole municipality of Vora to give a very good access to all residents, in order to be some modern schools ", explained Ylli.

Regarding sports projects, Ylli promised that several sports facilities will be built in Vora.
"We will make another field. It is currently a military unit in Domje. And two other areas for young people to have the opportunity not to sit near cafes, near clubs, near billiards, but to have the opportunity to engage in physical activity, because physical activity is culture. Sound mind, healthy body ", underlined Ylli.

In the end, the mayor Veliaj gave the good news that the winner of the railway, Tirana-Vora-Rinas and Tirana-Vora-Durres, has emerged.

"The good news is that the winner of the railway, ie the train line that is Tirana-Vora-Rinas and Tirana-Vora-Durres, has emerged. Vora will no longer be transit, but the arrival of a station. So the arrival of a railway bypass will turn Vora into a logistics or passenger exchange center with the new railway line ", said Veliaj.