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Veliaj: The SMI has suffered an earthquake in the party, while the PD has been covered by moral frustration

Veliaj: The SMI has suffered an earthquake in the party, while the PD has been

The political leader of the SP for the Region of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, stated in a conversation in Gosë of Rrogozhina, that both the PD and the LSI with the PDIU, have lost morale, as they confuse patriotic causes with bargaining politics.

"They complain about the floods, but a protest of the Democratic Party in Tirana destroys more and does more financial damage than the flood. A burning of them in Tirana costs more than frost and all accidents that can occur from frost. When the earthquake falls in the party, as it has fallen to the SMI, when it freezes and the moral winter grips as it has covered the PD, and when it confuses patriotic causes with political bargains, as it happened to the PDIU, this is which is a problem ", declared Veliaj.

He added that the SP is the only political force that has shown responsibility at the helm of the country. According to him, the earthquake and pandemic showed that the government and municipalities were all on their feet to cope with the situation, being close to people in need.

"People will remember that when the Socialist Party is in power, the mourning, the pandemic may fall, but the country has a god, the state has a government, the city has a mayor. This is the most important. If the earthquake hit at 03:54 in the morning and Luli was at the head of the state, he would not only be asleep, but would turn to the other side. We would have ended that he wakes up at 11:00, as daily. But, but the difference is made by someone standing up for a minute, a prime minister who moves every stone, personal and political knowledge to bring the vaccine ", said Veliaj.