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Trump calls for no violence

Trump calls for no violence

The White House press office issued a statement from US President Donald Trump as the House of Representatives launched proceedings to oust him for his role in the attack on Congress last week by a crowd of his supporters.

In the January 6 attack, five people were killed, including a police officer.

"Regarding reports of more demonstrations, I urge you to ensure that there is no violence, no violations of the law, and no vandalism of any kind," Trump was quoted as saying.

"This is not what I believe in, nor does America. I call on all Americans to help reduce tensions and calm the bloodshed. "Thank you," he said, among other things.

The January 13 session in the House of Representatives was initiated by the Democrats, who have a majority in this body, after US Vice President Mike Pence ignored their appeal the day before to activate the 25th Amendment, so that Trump can be announced. incapable of exercising his powers and duties in office ”.

Trump's dismissal article - which accuses the latter of inciting the uprising - appears to have the support of some Republicans, just weeks before the US president leaves office.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the Trump dismissal procedure is not partisan.

"The president should be punished by the Senate, which will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man, who is so determined to destroy the things we love and hold us together," she said.

Pelosi has said that his heart breaks as part of another dismissal procedure.

"It breaks my heart. "This should break the hearts of us all."

"I stand before you as a constitutional official, as a woman, as a mother, as a grandmother, as a girl-girl, whose father has proudly served in this Congress."

House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has said he opposes the dismissal process, has reportedly allowed Republican members to vote according to their conscience as the party tries to find its way./REL