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All doctors in Norway receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine are excluded from quarantine

All doctors in Norway receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine are

Health personnel in Norway who have received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and have essential functions in health care institutions will be excluded from quarantine. The decision was made on the recommendation of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Drug Agency.

This is because clinical studies have shown that the AstraZeneca vaccine provides adequate protection from 22 days and up to 12 weeks from vaccine injection. While the second dose of the vaccine is considered essential as according to experts it offers a greater and more lasting protection.

Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services Bent Hoie said:

‘I am pleased that fully vaccinated people can start working as soon as they have tested negative for the infection during this phase. This contributes to the lack of staff for hospital services'.

To keep the COVID-19 situation under control, Norwegian authorities have imposed tougher measures, including on health personnel.

A new scheme has been in place since 20 February, allowing companies to bring in health sector workers to different areas of Norway, including those with technical expertise and those required to assemble, disassemble, inspect, repair, maintain or informed about the use of technical equipment.

However, health sector workers are still required to submit a negative test upon arrival in Norway. They should wear a mask and be very careful in maintaining distance during the period of self-isolation. Health personnel should be isolated only in their spare time, and should document that they have been vaccinated.

Earlier, the Norwegian government announced that citizens of Finland and Sweden wishing to enter Norway to work will be exempt from entry restrictions as long as they meet the requirements.

Daily travelers will have to submit a negative coronavirus test, and they must enter Norway within 14 days of receiving entry confirmation.

"The government has now set up a scheme based on professional infection control advice that makes it possible for travelers from Sweden and Finland to enter Norway for work. This is good news for those who travel ", said the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjirn Roe Isaksen.

To date, Norway has registered 74,942 cases of COVID-19, 632 people have died, 66,014 people have recovered and 8,296 cases are currently active.