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WHO warning: Europe threatened by third wave of Covid-19

WHO warning: Europe threatened by third wave of Covid-19

The World Health Organization has warned that Europe could face a third wave of Covid-19 in early 2021 if governments do not implement further measures.

In an interview with Swiss newspapers, Dr. David Nabarro said infections could flourish again if countries repeat the failures that led to a second wave.

Nabarro calls on European countries to build all the infrastructure needed to cope with a third wave that could be even more deadly than the first two. According to him, the second wave with even more serious consequences than the first came after the European governments did not take any preventive measures during the summer.

"Now we have the second wave. "If they do not build the necessary infrastructure, we will have a third wave early next year."

Nabarro is a British expert who was named as one of six WHO envoys for the coronavirus pandemic.

Europe had low infection rates in the summer, but are now rising again.

Unlike countries like Italy and Germany where the measures are lighter, countries like France and Austria that are applying national quarantine are showing that only tough measures can curb the spread of COVID-19. 

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