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Emergency from Covid in Japan: Scientists talk about new wave of new virus variant

Emergency from Covid in Japan: Scientists talk about new wave of new virus

The western region of Japan, Osaka has canceled planned Olympic activities throughout the area, due to the spread of Covid infection to record levels. While the government has declared a medical emergency situation throughout the region.

Health authorities and Japanese scientists express concern that a new variant of the virus is causing the fourth wave of infections, as they separate us 107 days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, while the vaccination process is still in the early stages.

Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura announced that activities would be canceled, adding that the medical system has faced a tremendous increase in hospital admissions. Scientists say the new variant of the virus is more infectious and is affecting young people as well.

"It is almost certain that this type of virus mutation is highly contagious, with a high transmission rate. I would like to urge all residents of Osaka prefecture to refrain from unnecessary exit. The medical system is in a very precarious situation. hard."

878 new infections were reported today. While severe cases have filled about 70% of hospital beds in the region. Osaka and neighboring prefectures of Hyogo and Miyagi began Monday with a month of new blockade measures to curb the spread of the infection, where premises are forced to close earlier and movement from region to region is allowed on an emergency basis.

Even in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, infections are on the rise with 555 new infections reported today.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said he was looking into the situation if it would be necessary to declare a state of emergency. Japan has so far vaccinated less than 1% of the population.