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Will Covid return to the usual cooling every season? What experts predict and how long it takes to achieve it

Will Covid return to the usual cooling every season? What experts predict and

A recent study on coronavirus has found that the virus that causes Covid-19 can eventually turn into a common cold, reappearing seasonally each year, compared to other pathogens in the coronavirus family. Researchers from Emory University in Georgia and Penn State University point out that the time to reach this endemic condition will depend on how quickly the disease is spreading and how fast the vaccination process is carried out globally. According to experts, as many people as possible should be vaccinated as soon as possible so that Covidi is no longer a serious disease but a seasonal cold, with only mild symptoms.

The recently emerging Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) have higher fatality and infection but share genetics similar to the Covidine-causing coronavirus. Scientists are still learning how long antibodies and other immune cells against the virus last, and according to recent analysis, the immunity that blocks the infection disappears quickly, while the immunity that reduces the severity of the disease is long-lived.

This means that a person can become infected again with coronavirus a few months after infection, but the second, third or fourth time would not be as serious, but similar to the common cold.

Researchers say that once most people gain protection against COVID-19, whether through natural infection or vaccination, most cases will occur "almost entirely in infants and young children" who are known to experience very mild symptoms.

Meanwhile re-infections in older, more vulnerable individuals may still occur during the "endemic phase", but they may be protected from severe symptoms of COVID-19 due to infections they experienced during childhood, according to the team models.

Studies on common viruses that cause colds show that these early diseases occur mainly between the ages of 3 and 5 years. But without large vaccine deliveries, it can take many years and death before the coronavirus becomes another seasonal disease.

Vaksinat COVID-19 nuk janë gjithashtu 100% efektive në parandalimin e infeksionit, kështu që ka të ngjarë që të jetë më e mirë në parandalimin e sëmundjeve të rënda në planin afatgjatë. Zhvilluesit e vaksinave Moderna, deklaruan se imuniteti nga vaksina e tyre duhet të zgjasë të paktën një vit.

Doktor Marc Lipsitch, një epidemiolog në Harvard tregoi parashikimin e tij:

I think the new coronavirus will turn into a seasonal cold, but I can no longer say for sure as it is not guaranteed. Even if new strains of the coronavirus reappear during the endemic phase, like the one from the UK now spreading to the US, researchers say the immunity gained from previous mutations is nevertheless strong enough to prevent severe morbidity. . The same goes for re-infections with any of the four coronaviruses that cause the common cold, which seem to boost immunity to any disease.