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Britain bans sex too! What is said in the new order

Britain bans sex too! What is said in the new order

The decision of the British government has gone so far as to enter the bedroom of its citizens, which also happened in the first quarantine of the country with the launch of the pandemic.

According to government restrictions, couples living in areas most affected by Covid who do not live together should continue to maintain the relationship while respecting physical distance, meeting only outdoors, regardless of whether they may be in a relationship. long.

The government insists that those people living in levels 2 and 3 (medium and high risk) are not allowed to meet friends or family with whom they do not live, only if they live together.

Britain bans sex too! What is said in the new order

These people are allowed to meet outside the home as long as they respect the physical distance.

However, Boris Johnson's government is facing criticism for not excluding people who are in a serious relationship who do not live together.

Asked if couples living separately in second-tier areas can see each other inside, the official spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “Because the aim of the measures we have put in place is to break the chain of transmission between families and scientific advice is which has the highest transmission of the virus inside the home.

Asked if the government expects couples who meet not to kiss or be touched, the spokesman said: "The rules stipulate that people should follow physical distancing and this includes hands, face, the rules of space."

From this week in Britain drastic measures have been taken to stop the spread of Covid./ Source Daily Mail