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Angela Merkel warns Germans about the coming months

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Angela Merkel warns Germans about the coming months

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Germans they will face tough months ahead as the country set a new daily record with over 7,800 new cases with Covid.

She today called on the Germans to cooperate as they did in the spring to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

"Difficult months await us. "What winter will be like, how our Christmas will be - it will be decided in all the coming days and weeks and will be decided by our behavior," she said in her weekly podcast.

With the rise in the number of infected, Merkel called on citizens in Germany to avoid unnecessary travel, cancel holidays and stay home whenever possible.

"What made it easier for us to get through the first half of the pandemic?" It was the fact that we stayed together and obeyed the extraordinary rules. This is the most effective medicine we currently have against the pandemic and it is needed now more than ever. We have to go further. I urge you: meet fewer people, whether at home or abroad. Please cancel any trip that is not absolutely essential, any holiday that is not absolutely essential. "Stay home when possible," she said.

Calling Merkel came as President Frank-Walter Steinmeier went into quarantine as a bodyguard came out positive with koronavirus./ Source Daily Mail