Disappearance of 2 million euros in Kosovo, Minister of Finance: It was a cyber attack

Disappearance of 2 million euros in Kosovo, Minister of Finance: It was a cyber

The Minister of Finance in the Government of Kosovo, Hykmete Bajrami said today before the Parliamentary Commission for Oversight of Public Finances that the transaction for the transfer of 2 million euros from the Kosovo Treasury to the account of a private company was carried out through a cyber attack.

"This is an economic crime committed through a deep cyber crime, where unauthorized access has been made, legal authorizations have been exceeded, official duty has been abused and passwords have been broken. "After three minutes of being informed, we immediately reported the case to the Police", said Bajrami.

According to her, the money transaction is a banking transaction and has traces for everything.

"The crime is traceable and the law enforcement agencies are intensively dealing with this," she said.

Kosovo Police has announced that after the investigation, it has arrested a suspect while two others are on the run. 

The arrested LG, an employee of the Kosovo Treasury, is suspected of having made the transfer of over 2 million euros through four different transactions, on behalf of the company, LDA Group Shpk, based in Llapushnik, a village in the Municipality of Gllogoc, 30 kilometers away from Pristina .

Veton Rrecaj, the lawyer of the Kosovo Treasury employee, said that he is holding a hearing for his client at the request of the detention measure, the decision for which is expected to be taken today.

He has said that his client is suspected of having committed the criminal offense, abuse of official position and authority.

"The Prosecution presented the reasons or rather its tendency to impose detention, but did not present any relevant relevant evidence, which would support such a claim, but the request was completely generalized, presumed and in no case "he was not able to argue the same," Rrecaj told reporters.

The news made public yesterday afternoon has caused quite a stir in the local and regional media for the ease with which the accused committed the crime./REL