Horoscope for March 4 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 4 by Russell Grant


Set boundaries. Refuse to let anyone take advantage of your generous nature. You are determined to move forward with projects on time. When others see how energetically you are approaching your job, they may see this as an opportunity to persuade you to perform some of their duties. Remember that they too have a role to play.


After an impulsive decision, you should not spend the rest of the day regretting or worrying that you did the wrong thing. You are generally careful and prefer not to rush into anything. If something has inspired you to take a risk, chances are you have made the right move.


A caring friend will be quick to remind you of your impulsive approach. Although there is actually an air of determination around you right now and this is accompanied by measures of common sense. It may not seem like it to others, but you are thinking before you act and this should lead to a productive and enjoyable day.


A relationship will become intimate very soon. Before you go any further, there is an urgent need for you to explore your feelings. You do not want to make the wrong decision, but intuitively think that this partnership is right for you. Maybe you should trust your intuition and give it your all.


You are more relaxed than you have ever been. Are you happy to set aside some issues that you previously pursued persistently. You will feel good when you surrender to spontaneity and those around you will also appreciate it.


There is no way to believe some of the rumors you hear. If you really want to know, a few phone calls will reveal the culprit. You can use your innate wisdom and practice to deal with the situation.


Make it a point of satisfaction. Monitor your expenses closely. Some things are getting more expensive. If you are not reasonable from the beginning, you will not be able to notice how much you have spent until it is too late and you will not be able to do anything.


Responsibilities are growing rapidly. If you do not feel well you need to start thinking about your well-being. There is nothing wrong with saying no if you already have enough work to do. Do not take on too much. Take care of your health.


Traveling will be a great way to meet interesting people and see interesting places even if you have to wait a bit before embarking on a trip. New deals make your future look exciting. If you are single, a loving relationship will begin to flourish. The joint plans that will be discussed can lead to some new and interesting experiences.


If you are not clear about treating a minor health problem, consult a professional before taking any medication. See the pros and cons of a new insurance or pension policy. If you delay making the necessary repairs to your home, your problems will only get worse.


It may seem to you that you are making every effort to keep things peaceful. Someone who has a weird mind will cause tension and conflict if you can not use your charm to talk to them. You need to be proud of yourself for keeping some thoughts to yourself.


If you overcome the storm that is currently engulfing your life, family and work relationships will be strengthened. Sometimes you can be overly sensitive and easily upset. You will have an emotional outburst for which you will have to apologize. The later you leave, the harder it will be to admit a mistake.