Horoscope for December 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 3 by Russell Grant


This can be an important day for a friend or relative. Whether they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or another occasion, organizing will be very important. You may not have been aware of this, but you should send a message to express your best wishes.


Your manager and other executives are impressed by your ideas and perfect performance. You have made so many efforts to achieve a professional goal that you have surpassed your rivals and other talented people. Difference from other team members will result in a promotion or bonus.


At an essential stage of a negotiation, someone will waver. This will either get you back to the beginning or you will need to move forward without getting everyone’s approval. From a problem you will gain some necessary ideas and information.


If you are discussing with people who have a tendency to divert important discussions, you should stop discussing if they do not return to the main topic. Developments in the workplace will require an in-depth discussion to get results, everyone should focus only on the issue at hand.


Even though your life may not be going the way you want, others around you are living their best days. You are reminded of the good things in life when things start to go wrong. Complaining will only add to your problems.


The bigger your responsibilities, the happier you will be. Professional matters will provide you with the stimulation you need to keep you motivated and active. Although things will not always go according to plan, there will be no moment when you regret that you have undertaken such a great challenge.


Difficulties affecting a close relationship will soon be resolved. An honest discussion will lead to a much better understanding of each other, hopes and goals for the future. For some things you may have very different goals. If you are honest, there is no reason why you should have problems.


You will not agree with everything that is said in a friendly conversation. It may be a good idea if you are not too preaching or diligent in stating your views. This can turn a friendly atmosphere into something more tense and you may lose a good friend in the process.


You are tired of following the same path and your daily routine has started to bother you. If every day seems tiring and boring, with no hope for anything really interesting to happen, do not despair. Getting involved in a community project will help you get out of this routine where you are stuck.


Staying alone in an office will make you move forward a lot. You will feel comfortable and more able to concentrate and give good results. You are preparing for a project that will require a lot of your energies.


New ideas excite you and you are eager to take on a challenge, but you must avoid risks. You may realize that you have recently allowed trivial worries and small debates to distract you from your main goals. Finding a quiet place and concentrating on work will increase your productivity.


Family finances and other financial matters are getting a little out of control. Until you solve these problems, do not be surprised if everything else seems to you to be a nuisance. It is hard to be happy when you have different worries in your mind.