Horoscope for January 24 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 24 by Russell Grant


You are not yet ready to start on a long journey. Family life is harmonious as you make plans for the future. If you are working, you may feel some tension between colleagues who are working in the near term. 


A couple of friends seem to be in a constant clash. It seems they are not agreeing on anything and you are waiting for the final explosion. A job offer that comes as a surprise will have to be thought through a bit. 


Travel will have problems. Delays and difficulties with public transportation can slow you down. For now you can choose to stay within the familiar environment. Use your wonderful imagination in your work to make sure those in positions of authority are aware of your skills and achievements. 


Trust your thoughts when it comes to issues of a financial nature. Your intuition will lead you to the options with the greatest rewards. Take every opportunity you can to present yourself to the people in charge of your career interests. You are not a person highlighting your skills, but in some cases it may be helpful to do so. 


If you expect some people to put their minds to work nothing will happen. You know what you want to do, so keep dealing with it. If anyone wants to join you, they will be welcome. An issue that has caused a lot of conflict in the family will be resolved. Relationships that have been tense will improve every day. 


Someone in the family can get a small financial win that allows you to arrange the toilet or kitchen. Creative and artistic hobbies will keep you busy for much longer than you thought. It can be surprising how fast time passes when you dive into what you are doing. 


Make good use of your time. Take advantage of this opportunity to deal with any financial or business concerns. If you think more about the past, you will hinder the present. You can avoid future troubles by getting organized now. 


A young man in the family has tried to get your attention. You have not noticed. They are going through a difficult time and some calm instructions from you would help him follow a smoother path. A little more flexibility at home. 


A neighbor will try to lead you into a dispute by asking for an opinion. Keep a neutral attitude. You will not do yourself any favors by getting involved. Small squabbles would only drain your energy. 


Do not spend the day alone. You may not realize how infectious your energy and enthusiasm can be. Your family and friends will enjoy your company and your wonderful sense of humor. Give warmth and generosity wherever you go. Joining a volunteer organization will be a great use of your time. 


You are tired of wandering aimlessly. You need a goal to work. An advantage will give you the opportunity to do what needs to be done to make life easier for yourself and your family. There is a chance that you will move to another house and this can help solve some of your problems. 


A relative will choose the wrong time to offer you some advice. You will not be able to share the worries to give them the time they are looking for. This will make you feel terrible later when you realize how much they needed you. Make sure you create space in your life for the people you love the most.