Horoscope for October 22 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 22 by Russell Grant


You do not need to do anything to get the rewards you deserve. Your hard work and past speak for themselves. Even though you are not very confident in yourself, you can expect positive results from the dedicated efforts you have made. People are starting to know what you are capable of. Relax and let things flow on their own.


Take advantage of a last minute sale and you will find something you found at an incredibly low price. This is a great time to do some good shopping. It does not matter if you have a special collection that you want to add or you are obsessed with antiques.


You are thinking twice about joining an annual event that will bring many people together. Your reluctance makes you realize how much your attitude towards social gatherings has changed.


Your ability to judge circumstances and situations will help you take the initiative without waiting for guidance. Some people will try to stop you. You know you are making the right decision. When you mingle with people you have never met before, you will quickly feel at ease.


You can make a change to the routine. Stay close to people who make you feel good. Let routine work wait another day and accept a friend or partner's suggestion to do something completely different. Do not hesitate to get an unusual offer.


There can be no better way to encourage honesty in relationships than by your example. A simple conversation will be needed when dealing with relatives or neighbors. The best way to avoid misunderstandings would be to maintain honest communication. Remember, too, that respect is earned and not automatically given.


Sadness is associated with a separation but you accept that it is necessary. The fact that this is planned for a while does not make it any easier. The words of a friend or neighbor do not seem true to you. They are constantly slaughtering their history, but you suspect some dishonesty.


A leisurely stroll along a river or sea would help soothe your raging thoughts. Even a walk in a park or in the woods will look refreshing. If you can not get out, turn your mind to a pleasant memory. You do not have to withdraw from the world altogether, you just accept the need for peace and privacy from time to time.


This is not the time to get away from the company of others. If you have been attracted lately, make an effort to meet people with whom you feel comfortable and any lethargy you may feel will disappear.


You enjoy being there when someone needs you. Feel good that you were able to help ease their lives. Now you see that these people have started to depend on you, so you have to distance yourself.


A long break will make you feel younger years. It will also make you realize that you have worked hard and neglected your health. You have managed to close some jobs and you have managed to find some time for fun.


Many people seem to want your advice, guidance, help or support. You can not escape all this attention and it is understandable that you have started to feel overwhelmed by this. You will find your own ways of dealing with such situations and you may decide to look for a quiet place for a while.