Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 21 by Russell Grant


Instead of following the routine, you are eager for more variety. Because of this you may be taking a short trip to a place that holds beautiful memories or that you just enjoy enjoying. Your partner will find it hard to resist your charm.


A phone call or visit from your parents or an elderly relative is likely to keep you busy for some time. As a result, you may have to wait for some other plans you had during the day. This will not be a big concern. It is more important to stay close to those you love.


A friend has been silent lately. You are not sure if you should approve a romance of this man when you find out the truth. If you are just an old love relationship it will rekindle.


Joining forces with a group of like-minded people brings you positive results. You will become friends later. This is not a friendship you would like to end. So you feel lucky to have it.


You have been dramatic these days. Your skill in adding the right amount of habits has made you very popular. Someone will admit that they needed your encouragement and will be happy to have you around.


Something good will come out of a disturbing situation. If you have recently had a feeling of loss or disappointment there will be a recovery. An online chat will be the key that will ease a burden on your career or your job. Someone will offer to take on a difficult task for you.


A final reminder of a bill will make you wonder why there is so much time left unresolved. You may have thought that a partner had taken care of this and he means that he thought he had done it to you. Now you can no longer ignore this issue.


A quiet conversation will alert you to some background events which are well kept secret. This may have to do with the future of your job or a project in which you are involved. Although nothing is certain yet, you may be able to use this knowledge to further your career.


The only way to close a community project would be with the help of a good management team. Getting started will be the hardest part. Once things are going well, progress will be faster than you imagined. A job assignment requires careful attention and you will insist that everything is done from the knowledge you have from the books.


Some family reunions always end in hassle. It is best to avoid them altogether. Save yourself and others an artificial stress.


An older woman will contact you. She knows what it's like to suffer and has some wise words to share with you. Something that will tell you will stay in your mind for a long time. New relationships will bring you great happiness.


Pay attention to people when they talk to you. You are too busy and unfocused to prove the truth of every word. Any decision to be made about the home must be agreed upon by all involved. This may mean that some compromises will have to be made.