Horoscope for October 17 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 17 by Russell Grant


Your quick reactions and thought will help a project that will go wrong. You had done a careful planning for this, but a small mistake will open up a great deal of work. At least you will find an immediate way to solve this problem.


You will not choose to do anything in a hurry, as you will prefer to take your time. You will be amazed at how much progress you are making.


You will get rid of all those things that are no longer useful. You will replace them with more useful equipment. Your family will support the changes you suggest. They may even have some ideas that can help you.


Stubborn people are causing problems in a group you belong to. Their rigid stances on money, procedures and regulations are making it impossible to move a project forward. If they can no longer be flexible, you can find a way to proceed without their involvement.


Responsibilities weigh on you, but they can not stop you from escaping the monotony of boring activities. The jobs you do allow your mind to go anywhere as long as you fulfill the obligations you have. If you do not fulfill these obligations you will lose your freedom to dream and you may even lose your job.


You will soon gain confidence in a certain issue. No matter what kind of problem you are facing, there is a way to solve it and you will find it. Your social life is ideal for calming down whenever you feel tired.


There is something in your mind that has left you in suspense and you will not relax until you hear the news you are waiting for. You will be invited to participate in an interview whose response you were expecting and this will bring about a change in your attitude and emotions overnight.


Change is inevitable and you realize it is the right time to move forward. Whether you are looking for a job, abandoning a situation that is no longer working for you or moving to another home, it is time to make a firm decision and act on it. The hardest part is sharing your mind. 


It does not matter if life is volatile, it will give you a chance to seize the chances. Better yet you will be able to relax without feeling guilty about it. You have recently fulfilled every responsibility and that makes life easier currently.


Pay attention to your mind, body and emotions. Are you doing enough for yourself? You can not do everything for everyone. When your self-esteem levels are low, what will you give to others? Spend some time taking care of your needs. Loving yourself will expand your potential to attract more blessings into your life.


There is something to be learned from every challenge you go through. What lessons are you learning from current experiences? Life is hard and you are going through a lot of changes. Although you may not see the light at the end of this journey, believe me it is there. Like any light at the end of the tunnel.


Your thoughts are everywhere. Pay attention to your material world as well to help you feel better. If you are worried about finances ask for help. Your home, workplace or car has become a mess, take steps to make your space more organized.