Horoscope for January 17 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 17 by Russell Grant


A friend can call you or visit you for a quick chat. It will be clear that he is in no hurry to end the conversation. He may take much more of your time than expected and you may feel annoyed that they have taken so much of your time.


There are times when your overly obsessive attitude exhausts others. Especially when they are trying to tell you to be more flexible. Both family and friends value you more when you get together to accomplish something.


You have been waiting until your finances allow you to make a big purchase. A new and steady source of income will allow you to be more relaxed about your spending. This will satisfy other family members.


You do not care how much time you have to spend at home with your family, if they need you then you will be near them. You are also interested in what is happening in the world around you when you can help make some positive changes in your community by getting involved in a workout.


A small debate at home will cause a lot of concern. You would prefer to move on to some other issues, but if you fix this quietly and with as little fuss as possible, things will get back to normal very quickly. Someone will nervously take on a difficult task. Give them more encouragement and this will increase their confidence.


A stubborn neighbor or colleague will refuse to see something from a different perspective. You will soon realize how pointless it is to debate with him. If you are going to fix the future, you need to have as little contact with this person as possible.


Feel more at home when you are away from the crowd. Even if it is just a small group of people gathering together, you prefer to leave them and stay with yourself.


Dikush në shtëpi është i mërzitur dhe ju do gjeni një mënyrë që të mos e bezdisni. Nuk do të jetë një atmosferë shumë relaksuese. Gjëja e fundit që dëshironi është të bëni debat. Edhe pse mund të duhet të kafshoni gjuhën një ose dy herë të paktën do të arrini të ruani paqen.


Ju keni një respekt të madh për rendin dhe ligjin, por disa masa ju duken tepër kufizuese. Është e vështirë të injorosh një nevojë për ndryshim dhe ka një dëshirë të fortë për të kaluar në aventurën tjetër. Meqenëse kjo nuk ka gjasa në këtë kohë, përgjigjja më e mirë e mundshme është dil në natyrë.


You miss the company of a friend. You have not had the opportunity to spend much time with each other. Even if it is just an online chat, you will find time to talk to each other. This does not happen because you feel guilty. It simply means a lot to you to be able to maintain this friendship.


An online meeting with your boss and old colleagues will go well if you are careful in the selection of words. It will be easy to believe someone's funny stories, but once you think about it you will realize that they were lies.


Discussions about future rules will involve a group of people. You need to decide if some plans are financially viable. Keeping in touch with each other and on what is happening will keep you in the air.