9 reasons not to fall in love with a Libra (but if you find it you will never leave it)

9 reasons not to fall in love with a Libra (but if you find it you will never

Today is the last day of Libra, that tomorrow enters the period of Scorpio. And since we are in her last hours, let's take a look at 9 reasons not to fall in love.

It's lovely, but when there are times it pulls out eagle claws

He tries to avoid debates and make everyone feel good, but do not dare to provoke him too much. You will recognize its opposite side.

He pays more attention to words than he should

Say something and I will remember it for a lifetime. It does not mean anything at the moment, but it will analyze it with itself, will put it under the magnifying glass and will remember it with dots and commas after as many years as needed.

Likes concrete definitions

No money likes deviations from the topic or the middle ground. If you are in a relationship with him you specifically want a name for what you feel: love, consent ... whatever it is.

Coherence is her second name and will make you so

He will try to change you in this aspect as well, you will not even take any step without thinking well and you will not tell any details without coherence.

It is never surrendered

This gives him immense complacency and has little to do with the stubbornness of this sign.

It knows no boundaries

If he has set himself a goal, he will do everything to achieve it, whatever the cost, and he will not turn his back on it.

It is melancholy too much

Autumn birth is romantic and melancholy. Think, think, remember and recall ...

In memory of elephants

Remember everything, even the ones you would not like. And use them against whenever the need arises.

Living with him is like living under camera surveillance

A Libra saves nothing. Even when he pretends not to mind there.

* Cosmopolitan Source