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The coronavirus took my grandmother, but I tell you how I overcame the grief for her

The coronavirus took my grandmother, but I tell you how I overcame the grief for

In the dark last days of 2020, as the media reported on the new variant of the coronavirus and families were forced to change Christmas plans, as a result of severe restrictions, my 87-year-old grandmother died in a South Shields hospital. I was home in London, hundreds of miles away. It was strange to hear the news and know that my grandmother was involved in coronavirus fatality figures.

Christmas was full of fresh grief at all, but since my grandmother loved this time of year, we as a family decided to celebrate it. Despite her age, death came to us as a shock. She became infected with Covid-19 when she was hospitalized. He seemed to get well for a few days, but then he couldn't throw it away. There is no security with this virus. The day after my grandmother's death, when the sadness was great, I was very relieved by a project I had started since the spring. During the first isolation, when I panicked that all I loved, especially my grandparents, would die, I began recording my grandmother's adventures during a series of phone calls. I asked her what it was like to grow up during World War II, how she met my grandfather, and what was the secret of their 62-year marriage.

There were so many stories contained in Evelyn Frier, my grandmother. My grandmother survived her house bombed in the war - an explosion that killed her father.

I found out how 29 years ago - even though she told my mom she didn’t like my name very much, she loved me dearly.

Grief is often tainted with regret. I wish I had recorded more of Grandma's voice; I would love to be physically with my family to support them in this pain. But I can not change the past or the current blocking restrictions.

So I will continue to keep her stories. I plan to put together all the notes of her stories and share them with my whole family. We will appreciate her stories forever.

* Metro article was adapted in Albanian by Tiranapost.al