Do not dream of a Chanel bag, but learn how to become a Chanel manager! Tips from Alketa Vejsiu for girls on March 8

Do not dream of a Chanel bag, but learn how to become a Chanel manager! Tips

Alketa Vejsiu has dedicated long lines this March 8 to every girl and woman who follows her on Instagram. Without "Happy and many congratulations", but with tips to be achieved. Where does the secret lie?

“This is the day of girls not only the day of wonderful mothers who deserve eternal respect and worship; gratitude that they have kept us with love and toil in their body, that in the midst of the pain of coming to life and milking, accompany us in all the joys and pains of life holding us hand in hand as children, even when we grow and become the mother herself. Because for mothers we will always remain children!

I am so happy I was born Woman! My favorite teen book was "If I Were a Boy", but I liked it because I believed and still believe in great loves and true romances, but I never articulated that title, because I do not think you should be a boy to achieve things.

I even think that in many dimensions of leadership the expression "Say a man what he has to say and he will say, give a woman a job she has to do and she will do it" is valid!

For every girl who follows me I give a ? today and I thank her for her support has helped me believe I can do it. I have known extraordinary girls in my life, the heroines of every day life (the first is my Mom), who have shaped who I am today! Thank you

I will be supportive for every girl trying to succeed where I can play a role, even modestly, and I will applaud loudly with admiration every girl who has succeeded!

Overcome the jealousy that can arise in your heart when you see a realized girl. Choose to admire him and do not forget that in life there will always be someone who has more or less than you!

Remember what Estée Lauder said; "The most beautiful face in the world?" It's yours!".

From experience I can tell you; Knowledge is strength! Invest in being more knowledgeable today than you were yesterday, and more knowledgeable tomorrow than you are today. Invest in a good education, do not dream of buying a Chanel bag like Instagram bloggers, but do a training that can make you a Manager at Chanel? tomorrow

Anything that enriches knowledge will never go out of style, but these things Instagram and its heroines will teach you less and less.

Fight to be independent. The 10 cents earned themselves are worth more than one coin found. And Big Dream! Always!

I embrace you ", writes Alketa.