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'Is it my turn'? Bujar Kapexhiu's first thought when he became infected with Covid

'Is it my turn'? Bujar Kapexhiu's first thought when he became

Actor and cartoonist Bujar Kapexhiu showed how many others he passed Covid-19, being careful from the beginning. Some fears and the thought that this virus is also deadly and some care made it cured in time.

"I had a temperature of 37.4, the next day I went for a tampon and it came out positive, I immediately went to the doctor and took the medicine. So in the first moment, you should not neglect it by saying that my temperature will go away and I will get better. There is no courage in this regard, we must be careful and listen to what the doctors say. To create a state of anxiety, depression, a state that inside you feels how it will go. Unfortunately, information comes about the deaths of loved ones, friends, close people, and as if my turn did not come. Overall all my life I have been heedful to the advice of doctors. Undoubtedly I will make the vaccine, as long as it is invented for this thing, the vaccine is salvation. On the doctor's advice, they order. "

And of course he could not help but give some humor to the conversation by adding:

"He took us both together, my lady after 2-3 days, of course I clung to him. "We stayed together for a month without going out and I say 50 years married to my wife and I have never stayed as long as I stayed during the coronavirus", said Kapexhiu in "Invitation to five".