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5 books by women authors that we should all read

5 books by women authors that we should all read

A few days after March 8, a good deal of media and political attention was paid to women and their role in society.

So we thought it was a good time to compile a short list of books by women authors who have contributed to world literature. The criterion for the selected books was that the book be of the genre of "fiction" and had such an audience that turns these works into "classics" of world literature.

1. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Of course, one cannot speak of women authors without mentioning Jane Austen who is considered one of the most brilliant pens of modern literature. "Pride and Prejudice" is a story full of humor, love and family difficulties in an adventure of finding a beautiful and at the same time rich husband. Undoubtedly Auster's masterpiece.

2. The Story of the Maid - Margaret Atwood

A dystopian novel about a future where women are oppressed and excluded from public life and used simply to bring to life babies who are then given to wealthy aristocrats. A story of resistance and hope that light can be found even in the darkest places.

3. Himni - Ayn Rand

The author who was born in Russia and after emigrating to the US challenged everyone and managed to become one of the best-selling female authors in history. "Hymn" is a dystopian novel that shows a humanity that has entered another dark era, where reason and individualism have been denounced as anti-values. A young scientist brings the light of reason and rejects the constraints of narrow-mindedness of the society in which he lives. A novel with a very potent message and written in a very attractive way by the Russian-American writer Ayn Rand.

4. Frankestein – Mary Shelley

Probably the most turned book into movies and dramas on this list, Frankestein is a name that everyone knows and therefore deserves to be mentioned in this list as well.

What happens when man will imitate God? Monsters are created .. are all monsters bad? These are some of the philosophical questions you will encounter in this work, the most famous in its genre.

5. The girl on the train - Paula Hawkins

The psychological thriller that will keep you glued to every page. It may not have gotten the status of a classic yet, as it is the last one written on this list, however it is certain that the book is a real success and all fans should have it on the shelf.