False Valentino clothes and fake Rolex watch, Guardia di Finanza reveals the goods sent from Albania

False Valentino clothes and fake Rolex watch, Guardia di Finanza reveals the

Counterfeit clothing and watches, made in Albania, were found in the port of Brindisi, Italy. According to local media , the Guardia di Finanza discovered a large load of work clothes landed on a truck, which was said to be goods from Albania, while carrying the label 'Made in Italy', despite the accompanying documentation saying that it was with Albanian origin.

In a heavy tonnage vehicle, departed from Albania, it was said that there were 1350 work sets. But from the control to the cargo were found hidden about 10 thousand swear words and 23 thousand forged 'Valentinp' gloves, as well as 10 thousand pairs of forged 'Converse' sneakers. Experts concluded that the goods were counterfeit and not original.

A further operation, carried out during the passenger checks during the landing stages of a ship coming from Albania, was found an abandoned package with 6 forged Rolex watches, also equipped with warranty certificates, also false.

The charges were subject to criminal confiscation, for the criminal offense of importing products with fake labels. The driver of the vehicle and the company that produces these garments in Albania have been denounced by the Italian Judicial Authorities, accusing them of importing counterfeit goods and false indication of the origin of the production.

While in the case of Rolex watches, a denunciation was made against unknown persons with the accusation of entering and trading in the Italian territory of smuggled goods with counterfeit brands.