Veliaj congratulates the 108th anniversary of the founding of the State Police: Politics owes a lot to the police, sorry!

Veliaj congratulates the 108th anniversary of the founding of the State Police:

The day of the 108th anniversary of the establishment of the State Police, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has started with a wish and expression of gratitude for all police officers, who help every day to make the city safer, but they are never absent to be in the first line of emergency assistance. Veliaj said that Tirana is one of the safest capitals in the region and with the lowest crime rate.

"I am grateful to each of you, from the colleague who patrols the streets, those who help facilitate traffic, to the State Police teams that become one with our emergency teams, whenever there is a natural disaster. The fact that the citizens see the police as the first gate where they cry, and not politics, is the biggest compliment that our society gives to the State Police ", said Veliaj.

Touching on the topic of security in the city, the mayor added that statistics show that Tirana is the safest capital in the region.

"Look at the statistics on the number of murders, thefts and incidents. It is today the safest capital in the region, and probably much safer than some European capitals. "Of course, we have phenomena, but we do not have the level of criminality that politics reflects in order to earn points, and thus tries to defile the State Police", he said. Veliaj expressed his gratitude to all police officers for the sacrifices in the service of the community. He apologized to them on behalf of the political class, which he said blamed the police, ranging from using militants as "cannon fodder" to attack militants. "The last time I saw the images of this institution was when some politicians came to fight with the State Police. This does not work, so I apologize deeply! When you see politicians sticking with traffickers, it is difficult to do your job properly. When you see politicians meeting rogue scouts, it makes their job harder. Politics has a lot to blame for the police, starting with the use of militants as "cannon fodder" to attack the police, as they did in the events of December, when they tried to exploit a disaster for points. "The family of the deceased boy showed a lot of dignity, while politics did not show at all!", He stressed.

The mayor then added that incriminated people who have not passed Vetting in their professions as judges and prosecutors cannot be allowed to run as politicians.

"We can not allow incriminated people who do not pass Vetting in their professions as judges and prosecutors to run as politicians and oppose the police. Otherwise, all the work to punish them was in vain! We, as a political class, must go beyond this formal feeling that I am doing today, and take concrete steps, so that no one opposes the State Police " , said Veliaj, in his speech at the 108th anniversary ceremony of the State Police.

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