Veliaj in Unit 8: Everyone talks about lists, but no one but SP talks about the list of people's needs

Veliaj in Unit 8: Everyone talks about lists, but no one but SP talks about the

From the 'Socialist Assembly' of Unit 8, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, said that 'everyone talks about lists, but no one except the SP has a word about the list of needs of citizens and the opportunity to serve them them.

"If you watch, every time we turn on the TV, we and they have a few words in common: list them, list us. The question is: What lists? We started the day with the list of new earthquake homes, the list of earthquake compensation payments, the list of economic assistance for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic, the list of people with disabilities who need extra help , with the list of soft loans of those who will get the new house, with the list of road investments that we will continue from "Frigoriferi", to the River Bank, with the list of new schools that we will do in this unit, with the list of boys and girls who came out with 10 from the gymnasium "Partizani". This is our list. Their list was: Where am I for MP? Where am I in the coalition? Where am I in the electorate? ” "Where am I... ", Is their list, and for us it is," where is the opportunity to serve people in every list of their needs ". This is the difference, "said Veliaj.

Highlighting the example of a family that has benefited from the Municipality Program for soft loans, Veliaj said that this proves how through these social support policies the citizens are solved one of the biggest problems, such as buying a house.

Adjola, - a wonderful lady, divorced and raising 3 children, - was the beneficiary of the soft loan, - what maybe some people say: "hey, that 1 thousand soft loans", "hey, that 1 thousand home ”, - yes home is something for which our parents, our mothers have worked all their lives. The soft loan for Adjola is an opportunity how she instead of paying interest in the bank, instead of paying the rent every month, she buys 1 square meter of a house she has left to the children and will have it all her life. We are Adjola's party, not as an end in itself, but as a means for us to do these things with this power of the government and the municipality, "said Veliaj.

Drejtuesi politik i Partisë Socialiste për Qarkun e Tiranës tha se kjo forcë politike nuk i ndan njerëzit sipas bindjeve, por në bërthamë të saj qëndron fuqia që të jep bashkimi, puna dhe vullneti për t’iu shërbyer të gjithëve me të njëjtin pasion.

"What separates us from them is not the left or the right, but the fact that one force is known as a labor force and another force is known as a force of violence, of destruction. The other difference between us and them is not left to right, but is the fact that we try to unite people. We say "one more", they say "minus one". The difference between us and them is that we do things with love, we do not crawl through the railings to break their meetings, because we believe that our strength comes from the heart, does not come from the muscle, comes from the mind, does not come from the fists "It stems from passion, it does not come from anger," said the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.