Veliaj: Luli lied again about Sharra, he has trouble in his pocket; he worked day and night with his brother-in-law to tear Tirana apart

Veliaj: Luli lied again about Sharra, he has trouble in his pocket; he worked

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, in the Socialist Assembly in Krrabë and Bërzhitë, stopped at Sharra, while he said that even on the run, Lulzim Basha and his brother-in-law, with the signature of Sali Berisha, worked day and night to bury the state budget on the mountain of garbage in Sharra.

On August 20, 2013 - that is, on June 23, the people were told: "bella ciao", "go home", "you are not for this job", - even though they lost the elections, they continued to made the pit of the place. After losing an election, the other person who has been elected must make the moral decision. They did not receive the government. The elections were lost in June, the government was getting ready to start work, in August Lul Basha tells Sali to pay 34.6 million euros and 37 euros per ton, to take the garbage to the company he had prepared with his brother-in-law. "They had made Tirana loot to tear it apart for a family," said Veliaj.

He said that Lulzim Basha lied again today when he said that Albanian citizens would pay 12 euros for 1 ton of garbage. "He came out today and lied again, - that when the membrane bursts, you are dyst, you are comfortable, it is not that you blush anymore, - he came out and said," no, I said 12 ". Yes the document says 37! Who are you lying to? My advice to Luli is: Luli, always tell the truth, because it is easier to remember. By lying non stop you only confuse, confuse the multiplication table, confuse the addition table, confuse subtraction, division, confuse brother-in-law, villas, cars, confuse fines. Always tell the truth, that the truth will make you free. The truth will set you free. The truth will reward you with more votes, "Veliaj added.

Veliaj: Luli lied again about Sharra, he has trouble in his pocket; he worked

Sipas drejtuesit politik të Partisë Socialiste për Qarkun e Tiranës, Lulzim Basha nuk e ka hallin tek pastrimi, por të gjobëvënia ndaj biznesit të radhës.

“Sot Tirana është dita me natën më e pastër seç ka qenë. Ky e ka hallin tek xhepi, tek portofoli i vet. Ky e ka hallin tek kunati i vet, se po t’i gjesh çmimin këtij, ky e lë edhe Astirin, edhe Teatrin, edhe Bulevardin, edhe kullat, edhe digën, edhe Liqenin. Sa iu kushton këtyre një gjobë? Deri dje thonin, “këto qendrat tregtare i kanë oligarkët”. Sapo mori vilat në Vale Mar te Gjiri i Lalzit, nga një pronar i qendrave tregtare, oligarkët u bënë të mirë. Ky i ka vënë çmim opozitës. I ka vënë çmim çdo proteste,” tha Veliaj.

The mayor added that the parties we are facing are family parties. "Krraba was not our stronghold, it was the stronghold of the SMI. Bërzhita was not our bastion, it was the bastion of PD. The fact that today they have returned en masse with the SP, means that this team and this family really work for these people. The parties we face are family parties. A party works only for the brother-in-law, 24 hours a day. When we talk about the economy, about the earthquake, the pandemic, they do not talk at all. But, if you are mentioning his brother-in-law to him, he wakes up at 11 o'clock and tells you that he will not forgive you for his brother-in-law. The other party works for the man, for the woman, they have turned him into a LLC, ”said Veliaj.