Tomini: We are in a situation of high virus transmission

Tomini: We are in a situation of high virus transmission

Despite the low number of cases with Covid yesterday, when from about 700 two days ago, yesterday were reported over 500, the head of Epidemiology at IPH Eugena Tomini says that in fact we are in a situation of high transmissibility of coronavirus.

In an interview with News 24 she said that the trend of cases is increasing, while adding that unfortunately the aggressiveness of the symptoms also causes fatalities, inevitable in a pandemic.


We are currently in a situation with an increasing trend of confirmed cases, despite low fluctuations, we are in a situation with high transmissibility. However we have it in control.

-Is the figures with people losing their lives disturbing?

In fact the aggressiveness of the symptoms, the condition of the patients is not an easy condition or moderate cases are severe cases requiring hospital treatment, unfortunately deaths are part of this pandemic. The death rate is 2.1%. We should rejoice in the fact that many others have been cured and healed of this pandemic.

-On average, how long does the buffer response take now?

72 hours maximum. Many efforts have been made to increase capacity. Those waiting for the tampon should be isolated. 

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