Tirana with 10 new groups of epidemiologists for the autumn-winter situation: There is an increase in the number of infected people

Tirana with 10 new groups of epidemiologists for the autumn-winter situation:

10 new groups of epidemiologists have been added to Tirana to cope with the increase in infections, and the autumn-winter season. This was stated by Minister Manastirliu during the meeting with the team of epidemiologists of Tirana. The Minister of Health said that the increase of groups is being done due to the increase of the infected and the need for tracking contacts: 

"We have an increase in the number of infections, mainly in Tirana but also in some other regions of the country, such as Durres, Lezha, Kukes, mainly the northern regions are those which have an increased number of infections, so we have strengthened capacity . "Apart from the current increase of 30% of the field teams, we will add 10 new teams and we will be able to cope with this first challenge of autumn and winter".

According to the minister, testing capacities have been increased by 3 times, and that among the main priorities are schools, teachers and students, to limit the spread of the infection.

"Tests have increased 3 times compared to June, of course this is thanks to the work done by epidemiologists, increased capacity of the Institute of Public Health, but also field work, because as we said, testing without tracking and without isolation it would be just a link, but it would not be a rigorous complement to the strategy to limit the spread of infection.

The Minister said that the medical staff will receive a special bonus until the last day of the pandemic: 

"I want to assure you that the support of the government will continue. The special bonus for every epidemiologist, for every doctor, for every nurse in the face of Covid19 on the front line will continue. We hear that there are proposals now, that the campaign and promises start, 6 months bonus for doctors, nurses. We have 8 months to support doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, and we will support you until the last day of this epidemic with the special bonus and while from next year the historic 40% salary increase for our health workers will become a reality " , said Manastirliu.