The "Eagle" roundabout closes on Saturday!

The "Eagle" roundabout closes on Saturday!

On Saturday, the circulation of cars at the former Shqiponja Square, in Tirana, will be banned. The cause is the works for the construction of the Great Ring in the area of ??Astiri. Authorities recommend the old Ndroq road or Rrogozhina Elbasan.

It is expected that there will be an official announcement on how the traffic will be diverted, while the option remains the road to Kashar, which also has an exit to the highway at the Kamza overpass.

Two days ago, the director of Tirana Police, Rebani Jaupaj, announced the plan for traffic management, while he said that part of this plan will be the instruction of drivers coming from Durrës to use the road of Ndroq, as well as from Rrogozhina towards the road of Elbasan.

"We will keep an emergency lane while the rest will be managed in three lanes entering Tirana. We will manage this traffic and seek the understanding of the citizens. Elbasan Street will help us. I call on drivers who need to come to Tirana to find alternative routes. Ndroq Street can also be accessed. Citizens eliminate unnecessary movements by customs. Use the road from Rrogozhina to Elbasan to come from Rruga e Elbasanit. Tomorrow begins the demolition of the expropriated buildings to make way for Tresh Street. "A roundabout will be created in the Astiri area", he said.

The works will last 4 months.