European Union of Air Traffic Controllers in support of work suspension in Rinas: The solution should be done through dialogue

European Union of Air Traffic Controllers in support of work suspension in

The European Union of Air Controllers has published a Public Statement from Brussels, in support of the Albanian and Polish controllers who have suspended the exercise until the fulfillment of the requirements for return to previous salary levels and obtaining leave due to stress from the employee who requested this.

The statement accuses AlbControli and Minister Balluku of lack of readiness to negotiate.

" In Albania, five air traffic controllers (ATCO) have been fired because, due to the severe stress they lived through last year, exacerbated by the unilateral reduction of salaries by up to 70%, their dismissal occurred as they declared temporary incapacity due to these stresses in accordance with the Albanian ATCO competence scheme.

After the five were fired, Albanian ATCOs gathered to discuss the conduct of the Albanian ANSP with their minister, but the intervention of the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy failed to yield any results.

ATCEUC condemns the absolute ignorance of PANSA and Albcontrol Management regarding the basics of a Healthy Social Dialogue. Both place their employees under tremendous extra stress that undermines the safety of their operations.

On safety topics, it is natural to have different opinions within the European ATM sector. Problems can only be solved through a real and meaningful dialogue and never through totalitarian approaches.

ATCEUC urges PANSA and Albcontrol to immediately reinstate the ATCOs they terminated and invites both the Polish and Albanian Government and National Authorities to fully appreciate the Social Dialogue practices of the current ANSP Management team.

It would be wise not to underestimate the solidarity between the European Air Traffic Controllers when we witness such a clear manifestation of the abuse of power that our colleagues from Poland and Albania are facing! ” -written among other things in the statement.


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