Saboteurs? They are not using us politically, we demand our rights

Saboteurs? They are not using us politically, we demand our rights

After the blockade of Rinas, and reactions from politics, one of Rinas controllers spoke to the media, denying that they are being used by politics or about the comments they have received as saboteurs of the country's security. He said that AlbControl controllers are claiming their rights and that they cannot be prosecuted, as the law allows them to stop working when they declare that they are facing burdensome psychological situations.


-Prime Minister Rama said that you will be prosecuted?

Controller: It is not abandonment, leaving the job is not going to work, observance of the legal code clarifies that a controller in psychological impossibility to exercise the duty notifies the superior and declares himself incapable of work. It is a legal obligation, law 89 of 2020 to recognize the controller. Otherwise it would result in a fine.

-The ministry has maintained a negative attitude towards the demands and has blamed some politicians, how will you proceed next?

It is not a political issue. The interpretations that are being made politically are political, there is no burden for us, there is no interest in getting involved in the politics of the day. We have made some requests that are not complicated.

-Do you risk prosecution? Will you face it?

There is no legal space to prosecute us, it does not force a person to break the law to endanger air traffic when the controller is not fit for work.

-How did you feel commented on as saboteurs of state security?

It just adds stress, we want the employment contract to be respected. Operational tasks have changed.

-When you say operational tasks have changed, what do you mean? Your work fell, did they work fewer hours, in calmer conditions?

Yes, true. The change of working hours leads to the detachment of the controller from the profession, the controller needs to be in constant contact with the work, the interruption brings difficulties in the exercise of duty.

-Where are the positions shared with the minister?

Pika e parë që u diskutua është që të larguarit nga puna të rikthehen. Pavarësisht se u tha se është procedurë negocimi, këta njerëz nuk rezultojnë të jenë në turnet e punës.

Kontrollorët kanë shtruar këto kërkesa:

-Rikthim i kolegëve në punë për të cilët pretendohet se janë hequr padrejtësisht;
– Shfuqizim i vendimeve të bordit;
– Rikthimi i pagës së plotë sipas kontratës kolektive;
– Transparencë financiare e plotë për vitin 2020;
– Një anëtar sindikate të jetë anëtarë bordi.


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