Robert Ndrenika responds to Edmond Budina after attacking him: You changed the wool golf of the deputy secretary of the party with a white coat

Robert Ndrenika responds to Edmond Budina after attacking him: You changed the

Politics has divided artists like never before and this is evidenced by this latest retort between the most prestigious actor in Albanian cinema like Robert Ndrenika and director Edmond Budina.

Edmond Budina said: "I do not condemn anyone who has certain political convictions. It is the right of every individual to make his choice but man must have a kind of coherence. I have never said that I will lie in front of the theater, or run to the grave if It's inconceivable to me, as artists, not to accept the idea of ??preserving theater and building a young person elsewhere, I can not conceive of how you can agree with a state and a government that violates colleagues and demolishes it. the theater with your colleagues inside.It is out of your mind not to feel sorry that the ruspa falls on the theater with the costumes hanging.And not to say any talk.Whatever interest you have! It is a shame to me.However, I have neither judged nor I do not take them in my mouth. I was who I am. I sometimes even cry because they can have very big worries."Everyone makes their own choice, does not put them on the cross, but coherence applies in this world."

Robert Ndrenika responds: " Glory to God that I am still alive… This Edmond B… (udina) in the theater was catapulted deputy secretary of the party and told the base organization (snake nursery) care from Ndrenika that he is reactionary… but thank you that in military training he only allowed me a wooden rifle (which was much easier) but for "the sake of untruth" he quickly embraced the democratic process and where he found a white overcoat that until then he wore a black wool golf and unwashed " !!!

The involvement in the SP spot of Robert Ndrenikë and Tinka Kurti was accompanied by attacks by some of their colleagues known as supporters of the opposition. There is a worldwide trend where artists have held public positions, as evidenced by the example of America where Hollywood overwhelmingly opposed the president, or even earlier when he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. This phenomenon in Albania has been accompanied by debates and hostility within the species.

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