President Meta asks KLSH to audit "AlbControl": Investigate the organization and how public funds are used

President Meta asks KLSH to audit "AlbControl": Investigate the

Today, President Ilir Meta has made an official request to the Supreme State Audit to open an audit on the company "AlbControl", JSC in which the work of auditors was suspended yesterday and which brought the paralysis of air traffic over the Republic of Albania.

Meta calls on KLSH to investigate the way the company is organized and how it uses public funds based on the claims of the auditors that although their salaries have been reduced, the tenders have continued.

The full statement of President Meta:

Given the extremely difficult situation created and especially the role that "Albcontrol" has for the administration and control of the airspace of the Republic of Albania, directly related to the national security of the country and the guarantee of services for Albanian passengers and citizens, the President of Of the Republic, SH.TZ Ilir Meta, today officially addressed the Supreme State Audit, asking him to start without delay a full audit in the company "Albcontrol" on:

- the way of managing this company;

- compliance with legal provisions in the decision-making of governing bodies;

- use of public funds;

- observance of procedures in labor relations, as well as

- any other aspect that poses a risk to the safe operation and normal operation of "Albcontrol".

President Meta is closely following the developments regarding the management of the situation in "Abcontrol" and in the airport "Mother Teresa", and urges the respective authorities to take all measures, not to endanger the security of the airspace in the Republic of Albania, to resume without delay the operation of air monitoring and airport services, respecting mutual rights and obligations, without disproportionately exceeding their response, legal responsibilities in this case.

The President of the Republic calls for reflection of all actors involved and is ready at any moment to urgently convene a table for a solution as soon as possible and reasonable.