Why a quick test is even more necessary than a tampon

Why a quick test is even more necessary than a tampon

The situation of Covid-19 seems to be becoming more and more worrying. In the last 24 hours alone the Ministry of Health reported 17 patients lost their lives.

Meanwhile, testing suspicious cases to further prevent the spread of Covid continues to be one of the important steps. Therefore, the well-known epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti, during an interview with the journalist Ilva Tare in Euronews, says that quick tests in such a situation will be very necessary because according to him they find in 15-20 minutes whether or not you are infected with Covid, are made everywhere and by everyone and there is no need for laboratories.

Alimehmeti also adds that rapid tests find fewer cases, but find those at high risk of being contagious and clinically pronounced.

We have another test that will soon be in our country, fast testing. It is a type of tampon that is also associated with pregnancy tests in terms of how it comes out. Can we explain this as it is?

Alimehmeti: Yes, he no longer measures the genome, he measures the clothing structure. This test measures protein, goes and finds proteins. It is very similar to the pregnancy tests you just mentioned. It is a yellow stripe, there are several variants of how this test can be taken, there is a variant that can be taken by the nose, another variant by taking a drop of blood as with the sugar apparatus. Place the obtained part on the relevant part of the test and if this reagent is stained and if it binds and the part appears white then the test is negative.

What does this quick test help us with?

Alimehmeti: This helps for everything, because it finds you in 15-20 minutes, it is done everywhere and by everyone. No need for labs.

His accuracy?

Alimehmeti: It is a little lower, it is less sensitive which means what is good and bad of PCR, it has the opposite. It is less sensitive, finds fewer cases but these cases have a higher risk of being contagious and clinically pronounced. So find those cases that we want to find and leave a little neglect those cases that are a little less contagious.

Does the quick test have an advantage in these conditions where we are?

Alimehmeti: A lot, because it is free, it is done quickly. This test does a lot of work even for especially mass screening. We now have so many cases that many come into play.