'Without emigration Albania would be a clinical dead, the political game with disgusting numbers of emigrants'

'Without emigration Albania would be a clinical dead, the political game

In the presentation of the program Albania the future, past emigration, Prime Minister Rama said that in addition to the communist regime, the wrong governance in the transition period left Albania behind. He mentioned the reforms and said that if they had been done 27 years ago, today we will not talk about drinking water, electricity, etc.

'Ikja e trurit është shqetësim kombëtar edhe në Kroaci, për të mos përmendur vende që sot janë në BE. Të mo harrojmë se numrat e ikjeve do kishin qenë patjetër. Po të mos kishte pasur 97, 98 apo të mos ishin hapur korridoret e kalimit nga Siria dhe gjetke, krijuan idenë e gabuar se Gjermania kishte hapur dyert edhe me në'!

Rama shtoi se loja politike me shifra emigracioni nga opozita, me premtimin se largimi i qeverisë do sjëllë emigrantët eshtë neveri dhe sekëlldi. Ndërsa theksoi se kontributi i emigrantëve ndikoi në zhvilimin ekonomik.

Edi Rama:

45 years are the only period of Albanians on earth without emigration, whether before the Second World War or the war within the walls, Albanians enter without fear the most mobile peoples of Europe, we have fled and will flee, the trends of return will always vary . This is a fact and this fact can not be played by any ball of political propaganda in the media mud, in this phase where we have entered for 3 decades we have left more than we have returned, this fact no government or superhuman himself came down to earth can change.

In Europe the wave exploded the giant dam of Communism brought to the west the largest crowd of emigrants leaving Albania in a very short period, almost 30 years. But who, how and why we could ultimately contain this power without compromising the freedom where the standard of living is, is much better today. With whom could the Albanian isolation and the figures of the Albanian backwardness be compared with the countries of this half, the communist countries.

Not in vain compared to itself, Albania has made in these last 30 years the greatest progress in those figures than all other former communist countries that compare themselves.

During the transition, Albania caused itself, thanks to chronic misgovernment, damage with delays that no other former communist country suffered at its expense. In the transformation, the key role was undoubtedly played by emigration. Without mass emigration, Albania would be a clinical dead, lying on the ground in the middle of Europe. If the booms and booms with unimaginable culminations were over without discussion today we would have gone much further. Imagine how much time we lost stealing lights, wasting water, leaving property, ruining education, neglecting health systems, tribalizing the administration and so on. They actually missed great opportunities for a whole generation that was born in the 90s and grew up in a chaotic country, the government was a messy jazz, the children grew up with fake diplomas,

With the reform we started, boldly, only 7 years ago, if 27 years ago started, the country would be richer and more developed, we would not talk about water 24 hours that does not come everywhere, neither about power lines nor schools when certain points have not yet been reached.

The debate on this topic has not gone beyond the quarrel. Edi Rama expelled one million, Edi Rama came and 600 thousand fled, but what are the facts? Immigration made its contribution to the economy. According to Harvard, after the crisis until 2014, 134 thousand people returned from Greece, boys and men engaged between 2011-2014 in the local labor force, over 50% of them with agriculture. This has mitigated the shock impact of the economy by 70%. The emigrants returning at that stage engaged in self-employment and work in the village.

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