It can not tarnish our work! The reaction from 'Shefqet Ndroqi' for the sanitary worker who was removed as a nurse and took millions from the 30-year-old

It can not tarnish our work! The reaction from 'Shefqet Ndroqi' for

Shefqet Ndroqi hospital white T-shirts have reacted after the scandal with the nurse, who through fraud by being removed as a hospital doctor took the daughter of one of the hospitalized patients a sum of 8 million ALL, claiming that she will distribute it to other doctors to take care of.

In the press release, Shefqet Ndroqi Hospital states that this ugly act can not tarnish the work done by white shirts and that all health personnel feel hurt by this situation and the latest event.

All the health personnel of the hospital "Shefqet Ndroqi" feel extremely hurt, surprised by the corrupt, inhuman action of the sanitary with the initials TA and strongly condemn this illegal, corrupt act made public on the investigative show 'STOP'. This ugly and irresponsible act can in no way tarnish the selfless and extraordinary work of the health staff of the "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospital.

Hospital health staff distancing themselves from this action will continue to provide dedicated health service in a timely and quality manner. Following the dismissal of the sanitary worker, we ask the competent authorities to conduct an investigation by the end of this case. The staff of the health service 'Shefqet Ndroqi' ”.

The case was denounced by the investigative show Stop on Klan television. The Ministry of Health announced last night the immediate dismissal from work and called for criminal prosecution, while today the police arrested the sanitary worker named Tire Dervishi.

The daughter of the patient who unfortunately passed away, has shown that her mother stayed for 28 days in the hospital. The case is being investigated by four other people suspected of corruption.

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