A street in Tirana will be named after Sokol Olldashi

A street in Tirana will be named after Sokol Olldashi

Eight years after the separation from life, a street in Tirana will bear the name of the former PD deputy and former minister, Sokol Olldashi. An honor that his party and Basha should have done, although rivals between them, but it did not happen.

The Municipal Council of Tirana approved today, with the votes of the socialist councilors, the proposal for the name "Sokol Olldashi" of a street of Tirana, which was one of the most important figures of the Democratic Party.

This decision comes right after the naming of a school called "Bashkim Fino" in Unit 2. If campaigns have an increased dose of debate and argumentation, we must also remember the things that unite us, and not the things that divide us. . "After naming the school after a colleague who died on the left, who suddenly passed away, we did the same justice to unite that community by naming a street after the former PD deputy, Sokol Olldashi" , declared Veliaj.

Olldashi started his political journey at the time of the student protests in December 1990. He started his professional career as a journalist in the print media, where we can mention the newspaper "Albania", "Rilindja Demokratike", "Telegraphic Agency". Shqiptare ”and finally editor-in-chief of the media“ ATN ”.

He was one of the most prominent political figures of the Democratic Party, which he represented four times in the Parliament of the Republic of Albania.

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