In a conversation with the candidate from Shkodra, Rama warns: Do not go back to Lockdown like Kosovo

In a conversation with the candidate from Shkodra, Rama warns: Do not go back to

From Kolonja where there was a telephone conversation with the SP candidate for Shkodra on the situation with the election campaign, Edona Bilali showed that the DP is holding rallies with gatherings as in other cities; distributing doses of vaccines.

The Prime Minister, who has often criticized the DP's approach in times of virus by meeting with militants, pointed to the example of Kosovo and Montenegro where he said: We need to talk to people because mass vaccination must be accompanied by distancing. Do not let it happen in Kosovo and Montenegro and return to closure again. This is horror.

Full conversation:

Rama: If I take you from Kolonja, wonderful environment, but you did not come because you only have Shkodra and you have your mind

Edona: We have equally beautiful things, maybe more beautiful.

Rama: You have the most beautiful ones, but you have those idiots who do not leave you, how are you going there?

Edona: Very well we continue every day meetings with target groups, small business very satisfied. The abolition of profit tax and the abolition of VAT has freed them, it has brought them breath, young people are enthusiastic when we talk about programs. Even farmers happy for the support.

Rama: How did you feel the atmosphere? Is it positive?

Edona: I have a lot of confidence also because we have two completely different models that are being given to citizens. On the other hand we only mainly deal either with ourselves, or what is not done, with swearing and cursing, and in the other case a potential dose of virus distribution.

Rama: Yes, when was it, when did that wedding take place?

Edona: Yesterday we had another show, the example of irresponsibility and responsibility is quite evident in front of every citizen.

Rama: It should be told to people because mass vaccination should be accompanied by distancing. Let it not happen in Kosovo and Montenegro and let us go back to closure. This is horror. Part of it is our responsibility, another part of those who have given confidence to those outcasts, we have to work hard, approach it with modesty and as many arguments as possible, and in the end the people decide for themselves, yes we do ours.

Edona: We are massaging the message of the citizen.

Rama: We will also eat grass, but we do not lower our two fingers, some of them are there.

Edona: This is not the case anymore, I'm sure.

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