The Minister explains everything that is happening in Rinas: The state does not intervene in AlbControl, salaries before the pandemic went over 4 million, now they want it the same

The Minister explains everything that is happening in Rinas: The state does not

The Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku in the press conference has clarified the clash that happened with the controllers of AlbControl, who have blocked the work in Rinas. The Minister said that the state does not interfere in their salaries, as it is not dependent on the state. But she clarified that the pandemic has significantly reduced air traffic by reducing their salary by almost half:

"So air traffic controllers until 2019 have had salaries even in the figure of 4 million 440 thousand ALL, figures that are not very normal and I have been talking to journalists since yesterday, who are surprised that these salaries exist, but are not dependent on the state budget. So these salaries have taken the example of some employees, today they are at the level of 2 million 449 ALL. Or $ 2490.

From the pandemic conditions one of the most affected sectors is aviation, which has been hit due to air closures, both in Europe and elsewhere. Faced with this kind of problem, the Supervisory Board of AlbControl has reviewed salaries, it is a company that works with the zero profit instrument, this means that the money coming from AlbControl does not come from the state budget. AlbControl declares once a year how much revenue it needs during the year to operate, be it operating costs, electricity, etc. There has been no investment since March last year because there was no finance, operating costs have been reduced as airlines have not flown. To be precise and clear, the money coming from air traffic comes according to the amount of operations performed. In 2019, they elaborated, operated in total with 216 thousand aircraft. While during 2020 and at the beginning of this year, they operated only with 102 thousand aircraft. Traffic in its total has decreased by about 57% in 2020, while in January, February, March traffic was again minus 57%. So the air navigation operators, the traffic controllers process today that we have been talking for 14 months 43% of the normal traffic, which for the last time has been in Albania and all over the world until March 2020 ".

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