Meta brings KED the names of 10 candidates to the Constitutional Court and calls on them: Report any obstacles

Meta brings KED the names of 10 candidates to the Constitutional Court and calls

There are 10 judges who have applied for the vacant position in the Constitutional Court announced by President Meta, created by the premature end of the mandate of former judge Besnik Imeraj. 

The candidates are: 

1. Mr. Aleksadër Toma
2. Mr. Altin Binaj
3. Mrs. Aldona Sylaj
4. Mrs. Ardita Buna (Alsula)
5. Mr. Eugen Papandile
6. Mr. Ilir Haznedari
7. Mr. Clyde Mone
8. Mrs. Orkida Totojani
9. Mr. Përparim Kalo
10. Mr. Shaqir Hasanaj

In the announcement of the presidency, it is stated that these names were sent to KED, the Council of Judicial Appointments, with their documentation: 

The list of the above applicants, together with the documentation submitted by them, will be immediately forwarded to the Judicial Appointments Council in order for this body to immediately follow the process of verifying all candidacies for filling this vacancy, according to law.

Ilir Meta calls on KED to start work immediately: 

- with the administration of the list of persons who have expressed interest in filling the vacancy of the former judge Besnik Imeraj, to start immediately from the work with the collection of relevant documentation to verify the candidacies as soon as possible, indicating any obstacles that may encountered during the process of gathering and / or processing information for this purpose.

Meanwhile, he reminds KED that for filling the vacancy of former judge Besnik Muçi, which KED is currently in the process.

- to work without interruption, to complete the review of candidacies as soon as possible and according to the law;
- to engage with all capacities for the evaluation and scoring of the candidates who are allowed to run; and
- to propose to the President the list of candidates for filling this vacancy, according to the Constitution and the law .

The Constitutional Court currently has only 4 judges, not making it functional. Vitore Tusha is in charge of the Court temporarily commanded, while for the Court to start its work, out of 9 members in its composition, there must be at least 6 judges.

The stalemate with the Constitutional Court has sparked debates between the majority and the presidency, who accuse each other of blocking it. President Meta has reported to SPAK the former head of KED Ardian Dvorani. The Constitutional Court is a condition for the EU to set up for the first Intergovernmental conference.

Full announcement from the Presidency: 


'The Constitutional Court should be fully functional as soon as possible with all 9 of its members, so that during the review of cases, this judicial body does not face any procedural obstacles that make it impossible to make decisions on the basis of constitutional claims raised. by the parties', it is said at the end in the announcement of the Presidency.