The accusation of 'abuse of duty' is accompanied to the Police by 7 controllers of Rinas

The accusation of 'abuse of duty' is accompanied to the Police by 7

Last night at midnight, 7 controllers of Rinas airport were escorted to the Police, who suspended their work.

It is learned that the Prosecution has launched an investigation against them with the accusation of "abuse of duty".

"The Prosecution of the Judicial District, Tirana has started investigations into the situation that occurred at the Rinas airport. The criminal offense under investigation is related to Abuse of Duty, provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code. Judicial police officers are carrying out appropriate investigative actions to clarify the circumstances of the event. "Investigative actions are continuing in order to identify the role of each of the persons involved in this event," reads the announcement of the prosecution.

The strike of 65 Albcontrol controllers has suspended the work in Rinas since yesterday morning, interrupting the flights.

Employees are demanding a payback before the pandemic even though the number of flights has halved.

This situation is being considered as a coup by the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku, who has stated that she can not interfere in determining the salaries of AlbControl as a company that operates from zero budget.

Prime Minister Rama has given them until today to return to work, otherwise they will lose their jobs.

The event was considered by the government as intentional to block the arrival of vaccines and the vaccination process.